Cancer survivors experience unmet educational, psychosocial, and physical needs related to their cancer experiences. Nearly 60% of cancer survivors suffer from excess body fat and 80% of these prefer their oncologist to provide nutrition, exercise, and psychosocial guidance. The 30% increased risk of disease recurrence and death from breast cancer related to excess body fat requires interventions to be part of the treatment and after-care plan.

Cancer survivor care is a challenging necessity. Given the large number of people diagnosed with cancer, there is an opportunity for artificial intelligence (AI) to be incorporated in oncologic care, specifically for cancer survivors’ physical and psychosocial needs. OWL (Own Your Wellness and Living) is a mobile platform that integrates proven scientific results to assist breast cancer survivors’ improvement and recovery. In particular, OWL is dedicated to serving as an AI enhanced, personalized coach for nutrition and activity guidance, education and psychosocial well-being support based on users’ individual input.


Reinforce breast cancer education provided by the oncologist and the importance of being compliant with treatment and follow-up

Educate and provide guidance about conscious eating and appropriate exercise plans aimed at maintaining normal BMI/BFI (Body Fact Index)

Provide psychosocial and mindfulness techniques aimed at decreasing stress

Include provided support for care-taker activities

OWL provides users with a personalized 30-day plan each month generated from users’ responses to survey questions about their current diet, exercise, and stress reduction practices. This allows users to choose their own monthly goals. It also increases personal accountability and gives each user control over the process. Objective data including cancer stages and BMI/BFI , fitness level , BP, cholesterol, etc. will be collected. With their personalized monthly plan in place, users will receive daily reminders and encouragement via push notifications and frequent chatbot interactions to inspire them to stay compliant with the plan. Their nutrition, exercise, and stress reduction activity will be tracked via their personal smartphones equipped with augmented reality (AR) to provide them with real time, 3D visual interaction and enabling them to actively participate in their own learning.

At the end of a 30-day plan, user progress will be summarized for their personal use as well as with the option to email the report to their physician. With each new goal and plan developed every 30 days, OWL will act to provide long lasting habits to will help users achieve optimal wellness for a long term, healthy lifestyle. The first building block is proper eating, exercise, and less stress.

Using OWLs multimodality approach and as customized to each individual user, OWL creates goals that are specific to their current needs, and builds upon these each month by increasing exercise intensity, improving lean mass to fat mass ratio, amount of fruit and vegetable intake, and stress reduction practices to achieve the evidence-based recommendation.  


Studies have shown that increased vegetable and fruit intake of 80% of total food intake and 300 minutes per week of moderate activity increase cancer survival. However, most cancer patients have difficulty sustaining these objectives without assistance. OWL is the ideal mobile platform to help cancer patients achieve and maintain health, reduce cancer recurrence, and ultimately, increase overall cancer survival.  


Stayhealthy’s mission is to empower, inspire, and give hope to individuals, families, and communities to become educated, empowered and engaged in their health. The company does this by providing lifestyle solutions using enhanced engagement technology such as augmented reality. Founded in 1995, the company has been an industry leader at the intersection of technology, health and wellness. Since that time, its innovative FDA cleared technologies and devices have enabled users to measure, track, and change their health for the better.

Stayhealthy is focused on providing personal solutions to address the growing epidemic of diseases that are linked directly to excess body fat such as Type 2 diabetes, many cancers, stroke, and heart disease. The company’s latest breakthrough is the Body Fact Index (BFI), its patent pending body composition screening tool that uses a augmented reality enhanced mobile platform to demonstrate the effects of excess fat along with the solutions and incentives to reduce it. The result of decades of clinical trials, peer reviewed science and components that have FDA clearance, the BFI is a game changer.

A component of the BFI has also been designed to replace the inaccurate and outdated BMI. Key to this next innovative solution is bringing micro-scale devices to market that can be integrated with smart phones and tablets to deliver highly accurate, health and wellness solutions at the individual level. The company’s mission is to continue to educate, engage and empower people to make the most of their lives.

Stayhealthy has brought together creative minds from science and medicine, media and entrepreneurship, advertising and design, and technology. Prior to founding Stayhealthy, CEO John Collins had successful careers in the music industry and public relations until a personal life-changing experience led to his passion for transforming healthcare. Stayhealthy’s President, Ziggy Kormandel, has had a celebrated career of over three decades as a creative agency executive and serial entrepreneur who holds multiple patents including for groundbreaking augmented reality tech. Their shared vision has resulted in the merging of patented healthcare technology and AR to deliver unique interactive experiences that educate, engage, and empower people on how to manage their own health.

For more information go to www.stayhealthy.com



Laura Bourdeanu, PhD
Co-Founder OncoGambit

Laura is the co-founder of OncoGambit, a cancer treatment information company that helps people with cancer confirm their treatment is in line with what the cancer experts recommend. Before devoting her work fulltime to OncoGambit, Laura has worked as a cancer nurse practitioner and researcher, caring for cancer patients at various stages of diagnosis and treatment. She completed her Master of Science in Nursing degree at Yale University and earned her doctoral degree at Azusa Pacific University. Laura has published several articles in cancer and nursing journals, some of which were based on her own research and is an active mentor to nurses to pursue doctoral degrees.

She is passionate about using her knowledge and experience to help cancer patients improve their well-being and empower them to do something positive for themselves. She also has a passion for cancer prevention and a strong belief that artificial intelligence can be successfully incorporated into existing cancer prevention programs to help reduce the risk of developing cancer.

To view a complete list or publications please go to http://www.oncogambit.com/about/


Hannah Luu, MD
CEO & Founder OncoGambit

Hannah is the CEO and founder of OncoGambit, a digital platform providing up-to-date cancer treatment information that helps people with cancer confirm their treatment options are in line with what cancer experts recommend.

Dr Luu obtained her medical degree from Boston University and Medical School at University of Massachusetts. She then completed her Hematology-Oncology fellowship at Tufts University Medical Center, MA. She relocated to California and worked as Associate Professor at City of Hope Medical Center, Duarte, CA. She is a breast oncologist and a principal clinical investigator in multiple early phase trials for advanced stage cancer patients.

Having practiced oncology in an academic environment for many years, Dr. Luu realized that her passion for helping patients reduce their fear and anxiety around cancer treatment was her mission. As a result, Dr Luu developed the OncoGambit platform which gives patients instant access to personalized treatment information recommended by more than 1100 experts in their respected fields.

To view a complete list of publications please go to http://www.oncogambit.com/about/


Colin Hill, PhD
COO and Chief Scientific Officer Stayhealthy

Colin has been with Stayhealthy since its founding in 1998 and been a close associate and friend of John Collins since they first met while coaching their children in local soccer programs. His career spans forty-five  years of experience in active research and development in radiation and cancer biology as well as in microbiology and immunology. 

Colin began his career in the U.K., graduating with a degree in applied biology at Brunel University, and then went on to obtain a PhD. in biochemistry and Radiation Biology at CERN (the European Center for High Energy Physics) in Geneva and Brunel University. He then moved to the United States where he conducted research in the Environmental and Biological research division of Argonne National laboratory in Chicago. It was there where he began research on cells in culture and causes of cancer from environmental contamination and also spent two years seconded to Fermi Lab National Laboratory where he helped establish the first neutron therapy facility for treating cancer.

In 1985, he was recruited to become a researcher at the newly formed NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center at USC Keck School of Medicine in Los Angeles, where he performed research in radiation biology and cancer prevention and became the Director of Experimental Radiotherapy. Now Emeritus since 2015, he served as tenured faculty at the USC School of Medicine for thirty years at the Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center where he taught radiation biology to residents in radiation oncology and cancer biology to graduate and medical students. Over the years, his research has been funded by NIH, NCI, DOD, DOE, and CalBCP as well as several prominent private foundations. He has also acted as a scientific peer reviewer for NIH, DOD, NCI, DOE and NASA. 

In addition, Dr. Hill has 106 peer reviewed and published papers, has received nine patents with several more pending and has presented at 143 national and international meetings in cancer and radiation biology. He has led the research and development group at Stayhealthy since its inception and has been instrumental in bringing the ideas of John Collins, its CEO, to fruition while also upholding strict standards of clinical excellence. He has also managed the regulatory stance of the company when it was the first to roll out FDA regulated devices. In his position as COO and CSO, he continues to drive both the level of excellence with relation to the science and the regulatory needs of the company, while facilitating leveraging the AT capabilities and engineering innovations to keep the company producing next generation products backed by next generation science.