What does this app do?

OWL provides survivors with tools through daily reminders, progress reports, and a program of 4 modules: Education, Conscious Eating, Activity, and Mindfulness. OWL provides personalized nutrition and activity plans. It features the new Body Fact Index, a highly accurate, patent-pending way to measure body composition and track activity. It also uses patented augmented reality to display the health status of an individual’s major organs.  We have seen that oncologists’ time and resources are limited in today’s healthcare environment. Many cancer patients and survivors need help maintaining healthy nutrition, activity regimens, and mindfulness to reduce risk of recurrence.

Why is it useful?

OWL is aligned with the core ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncologists) principles of cancer survivor care, fighting excess body fat, exercise motivation, and to serve the oncologist community and patient advocacy. OWL serves as a supportive coach for patients in-between their doctor visits. Progress reports can be shared between the user, their caregivers and their oncologists. OWL is also an ideal way for caregivers and support groups to work as teams to help patients and their loved ones. Through its comprehensive approach to education, health, and the mental aspects of getting back into the stream of life, OWL will provide unparalleled ongoing personalized support.

Is my information private?

Stayhealthy does not share any personal information as a matter of policy. Please view the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for more information. Uses can opt-in to share their progress reports with their healthcare provider using a secure channel.

Do I have to use the chatbot to navigate the app?

Yes,  but users have the option to use text or voice when interacting with the chatbot.

How does the Rewards Program work?

By simply having the OWL app installed and having an active account you are qualified to win a prize, pending the number of points you have accumulated. Prizes are given out on a tiered basis, and users qualify by collecting points (“feathers”) just by using the app. Winners will be emailed if they have won to provide a mailing address for shipment. New prizes are added each month to the platform as well.

How do I scan surfaces to place the augmented reality images?

In order to use the augmented reality portion of the app, you need to have a device and software version that is compatible with ARCore/ARKit. You will also need a fairly flat surface. To scan the surface, point your phone camera to a flat surface. Slowly start moving your phone around in a circular motion, so the phone can detect the flat surface – it may take a few seconds. Once a flat surface has been detected, you will be prompted to “Tap to Place” – when this occurs, simply tap anywhere on the flat surface, and that will start the augmented reality experience. You can increase/decrease the size of the organs by pinching with two fingers, as well as rotate the organs be swiping horizontally.

Do I have to pay for this app?

The app is offered on a subscription basis for $9.99/month or for an annual fee of $99.99.

Can I use OWL on a computer?

OWL is a mobile platform and currently only available in the app stores (Apple and Google Play stores).

I’m having trouble using the chabot.

If you encounter any technical support issues, please let us know at: OWLSupport@stayhealthy.com

However, here are some tips on how to use the chatbot:

  • You can switch between the different modules by tapping the blue button in the bottom right corner.
  • If you ever want to stop a conversation, tell the chatbot (or type) “stop”. 
  • Feel free to interrupt “Ollie” to ask any questions. You can say things like:
  • “I want to log a meal”
  • “I want to track an activity”
  • “I want to meditate”
  • “What is my body fat percentage?”
  • “I want to change my goals”
  • “What are the risk factors for breast cancer?”
  • “What are the treatment options for breast cancer?”
  • “What are the side effects of cancer?”
  • “What cancer screenings should I get?”
  • “How much water should I drink daily?”
  • “What are some ways I can lose weight?”
Is OWL for all cancer types and survivors?

Currently, OWL is focused on breast cancer survivors, though most of the information in OWL applies to all cancer survivors. We will let you know when other cancer-specific information has been added.